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Paper Sewing Patterns On Etsy

 Printable pdf Patterns on Craftsy

Fingertip Knowledge Swatch Books on Etsy

Shopping for fabric is an art, and even those in the know don’t always get it right.  These Fingertip Knowledge Swatch Kits feature fabrics used to create wearable, living Cake samples and come labelled with information to help you make an informed fabric purchase.  Some things in sewing defy description and must be felt to be understood- like fabric, good fabric.

Organic Cotton Sateen Envelope Kits on Etsy

These sturdy, over-sized panels come printed with Cake’s beguiling cover art.  Stitch up the panel as an envelope sleeve to hold your Cake Patterns, tracings and swatches- the stitching lines are printed on the panel and the kit comes with everything you need for completion!

Sewing Kits on Etsy

Are you time poor, a beginner, have a hard time sourcing notions or do you just love pretty new toys?  These kits will help you simplify your sewing!  These quality window tins are a little larger than a DVD case and fitted with fine Portuguese cork to hold pins-in-action.

They’re designed to help you keep track of all tiny notions and tools for a project in progress.  Cake Tins are packed with useful sewing goods from the Fingertip Knowledge Swatch Kit, the Consumables Kit, and includes a Pocket fat quarter.  Cake Tins are available until April 7 for the special intro price of $21, and then the price will rise to RRP of $27.  Don’t miss out on this special kit packed with value- from StephC’s sewing room to yours!