Petits Fours

StephC and Mikhaela put their heads together to create a little doll template from the Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt coverart just before Christmas last year.  They then decided to work together to create dolls for all of Cake’s cover characters and offer them as soft toy patterns.


StephC has developed a simple pattern for the doll and doll-scaled versions of her adult sized patterns- now in production.  The Petit Four dollies are 18″ tall, with detailed clothes and accessories.  The clothes are tiny “practice runs” for the adult patterns, using the same pattern pieces and sewing instructions as the large scale patterns.

Each Petit Four doll pattern includes a color face template for painting or hand-embroidery.  Cake will also offer a limited edition of beautifully embroidered doll kits for sale, as well as specially sourced fabric kits to use up StephC’s remnants from making the adult size Cake Patterns clothing samples.

It takes time to pull together all the elements of a soft toy pattern, but the process is too fun not to share a little.   Closer to the release dates, we’ll talk about the historical role of fashion dolls for dressmakers, wig-making and other delicious Petit Four goodness.

While StephC and others work to bring these dolls to life, you can check their progress here:


Esme | Pavlova Separates – Petit Four patterns release February 2013


Penelope | Tiramisu Knit Dress – Petit Four patterns release February 2013

Maya HeadshotMaya | Hummingbird Separates – Petit Four patterns release March  2013

Bernard | Lamington Separates – Petit Four patterns release April  2013

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