Esme | Petit Four

This Petit Four idea grew out of my desire to play with a little fabric and to experiment and play and relax.  I’ve been making little dolls since I was a small child, and I still enjoy putting together soft toys.  I asked the Cake artists for an Esme face template, and they sent me back the lovely rendering you see above!

I knew this dolly deserved to play through many different mediums, so I decided to introduce the Petit Four Paper Play pdf so everyone can join in.  Originally, the Paper Play pdf was sent out as a free gift to all Pavlova Pre-sale orders.  You can now find it here.

When I blog about my little experiments and craft projects, there’s always a screen between us.  I thought with this Esme Paper Play template we could experience the magic of this little template together.

Stuffing Esme with shredded t-shirt scraps.

My little girl and I are really enjoying playing with Esme, I hope you will too!


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