About Cake Patterns

Cake Patterns grew out of my experiences and observations gleaned while teaching multiple beginner and intermediate sewing classes a week for years.  I found most people in my classes struggled with two elements of sewing patterns: instructions and sizing.

Since I started development in 2010, my primary focus has been to create simple and innovative ways to help sewists make great fitting clothes they’re proud to wear.  Cake instructions use plain English and include steps that are implied in many sewing patterns, such as finishing, pressing, and fit-checks.  Cake sizing relies on using your own relevant measurements to complete the pattern rather than a traditional straight size.

I couldn’t make Cake on my own- the team behind Cake Patterns come from within the home sewing community.  Our graphic artist, editor, digitizer and distributors are experienced sewists and bloggers who also bring their professional skills and talents to Cake.  From beginning to end, Cake Patterns are created for you by people who understand the sewing.

If you have any questions about Cake, please let us know.

Cake Vine

The Cake Vine is our email list to let you know about releases, happenings in the Cake community and to serve up fortnightly post digests.

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