Tiramisu Knit Dress Sewalong

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Welcome to the Tiramisu Dress 30 Minutes A Day Sewalong led by me, StephC, creator of Cake Patterns. This series of 10 sessions will unfold over two weeks, with weekend breaks for catching up and taking photos. Each session should take 30 or so minutes a day to complete, depending on the skill level. Each day is full of lessons geared towards a beginner/time poor sewist, but all skill levels are welcome.

The Tiramisu Sewalong is a great chance to meet up with other Cake sewists and finish a new dress or two!

Flickr Digital Sewing Space

During the sewalong, the Flickr Sewcial Group becomes a companion to the sewalong sessions and allows us to share techniques and troubleshoot easily. After the sewalong, it’s a great place to network and share inspiration.

New to online social sewing? Click here for a comprehensive guide to getting started Flickr for a sewalong.

Please add your Flickr API Key in Slickr Flickr Admin settings to fetch more than 20 photos.

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Blog Posts & Social Media Tiramisus

This is a collection of Tiramisu makes from around the online world collected by StephC via pinterest. If you’d like to add your Tiramisu Dress post/review/tweet/photo to the gallery, please contact StephC and send her the link. Explore and find inspiration for your style & shape!

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  • "The sizing is one o
  • "I love this dress,
  • Underbust Seam Tune-
  • My Tiramisu- C in Se
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